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Thanks for a great year past and new one just ahead

Looking forward to a great NEW YEAR!

I would like to thank all of my buying and selling clients for their business over the last year. It’s been nice getting to know all of you. I have learned a lot! There were some sticky situations that came up, but I feel fortunate for the education on the different types of sales and all that went into them. It will only help me to better serve my clients in the future.

I look forward to completing my third year at GRI (Graduated Realtor Institute) and adding that designation to my Real Estate Profession. I have learned invaluable information in the last two years from attending. It has given me an expanded view of marketing my seller’s listings and assisting buyers and sellers with the best services possible.

I am also nearing my required points to become a Real Estate Broker, so I’m excited about fulfilling that goal as well!

Cheers to you! I wish you all an awesome NEW YEAR!

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